disn tienger

from by michael sierra



the working title of this song was "disintegrate" but after a series of typing train wrecks in the studio, this ended up as the new working title. needless to say it stuck.


i saw my hands peel away
i saw my legs disintegrate
i saw my hands and feet
i saw my head between my knees
lyrically in debt
i'm sorry I forget

we don't like your face
where we're you raised
"i was born to my sky
the bay and rivers' eye"

it's a lost glance
like a tired simile

i'll keep myself occupied while you're gone
you have it planned for me
if being tired's a means to an end
than i can safely burn my bed

found a gap within the view
light emitted from the breakthrough
lost sense of feeling and i fell through
sped past memories of the old you
psychic readings gave me no clue
cosmic splendour is the new glue
golden flowers pass the moon view
floating's tricky it's my muse
stars look different on the news


from rubber butter, released July 12, 2017



all rights reserved


michael sierra Vancouver, British Columbia

idle thought spurs creativity

please consume on laptop speakers with mayo

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