from by michael sierra



uhhh, cheers


i don't dream now, held up in my home
my body's warm, i am short of breath
chest is shackled, it needs some rest
i broke my toes, i can't move no more
kicked the bucket, bleeding out my eyes
found the answer, problem with my mind
macaroni, smeared inside my head
lo fi hi fi, wow great k cool thanks
cheers to me though, am on my own

needed a hug, made some oolong tea
boiled the water, how grown up of me
sleeping garden, flowers sang to me
hands thru pedals, they caressed me
sunny moonray, washes over me
feel enlightened, found the melody
rip up roses, they do not feel pain
cry to eno, wonder where he's been
fin in water, sharks are straight ahead
cheers to me though, i am on my own


from rubber butter, released July 12, 2017



all rights reserved


michael sierra Vancouver, British Columbia

idle thought spurs creativity

please consume on laptop speakers with mayo

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